Upgrade Your EmailFinder™
or URLFinder™ Subscription

By default, all subscriptions to EmailFinder and URLFinder are initially processed as "90 Days Free." Of course, we hope you'll like our service so much that you want to upgrade your subscription and make it permanent.

Our upgrade process is very simple - for $10.00, your listing becomes permanent.

There are two ways to upgrade:



If you would like to pay for a permanent listing using a check or money order, we are happy to accommodate you. Your payment must be to L&S Marketing, Inc. and we accept US FUNDS ONLY. DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHECK PAYABLE TO EMAILFINDER OR URLFINDER!

Please be sure to include your EmailFinder or URLFinder Subscriber Number, Username and Password so that we can be sure to credit the payment to the correct listing. This information was sent to you via Email when you first registered for our service.

Thank you for choosing EmailFinder and URLFinder. If you like our service, please tell your friends. If you don't, please tell us.

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