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The primary goal of EmailFinder and URLFinder is to provide an affordable service that is easy to use and valuable. Like any product you use or purchase, there are certain questions that should be answered in order for everyone to feel comfortable. This page will try to answer those questions. If you can't find the information you need, please contact us by Phone, Fax, or Email and we will be happy to discuss your specific concerns.

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Our privacy policy is simple - we will never barter, rent or sell your information to any other company or individual. However, since we do offer an online database service, your information is obviously available to people who enter the appropriate information in our search forms. As further protection for you, we never return more than 5 matches to any search, making it very difficult for spammers to try and obtain random names from our database.
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Our database is for private use only.
Using our service to obtain random names and addresses for unsolicited email is a violation of our policies and we will take action against individuals and companies if we are alerted to this type of activity.

In addition, URLFinder does not accept listings or registrations for adult web sites. Any subscriptions submitted for this type of site will be removed automatically.
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There are two different levels of subscriptions available to EmailFinder and URLFinder. They are:

90 Day Listing - FREE
Permanent Listing - $10.00 US

At any time before a free listing expires, it can be upgraded to a permanent listing without having to resubmit your information.
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The fastest and easiest way to pay for a permanent subscription to EmailFinder or URLFinder is to use our
SECURE ONLINE PAYMENT FORM. If you use this method, your subscription will be upgraded immediately.

You can also upgrade via Phone, Fax, or regular Mail. To use any of these methods, we just need your payment information as well as your Subscriber ID#, Username and Password.  This information was sent to you via Email when you first registered for our service.

If you are using a MasterCard or Visa, you can either fax the information to us at (505) 332-1286 or you can provide the information to us over the phone by calling (505) 332-1284. If you reach the Customer Service Message Center, please leave your name and phone number and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Faxed subscription forms should become active within 24 hours after receipt. Phone subscriptions should be activated within 1 hour after the completion of the phone call.

To pay by check, you must mail your Subscriber ID#, Username and Password to us with your payment made out to L&S Marketing, Inc. and we accept US FUNDS ONLY. DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHECK PAYABLE TO EMAILFINDER OR URLFINDER! Please send the form and payment to:

EmailFinder, Inc.
5816 Lost Dutchman Avenue NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111-5901

If you subscribe by check, your subscription will be upgraded after your payment has cleared, which could be up to 2 weeks after receipt of your payment. You can also mail the information to us with a MasterCard or Visa number if you prefer. Mailed credit card upgrades will be upgraded within 24 hours after receipt of the form.
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If, for any reason, you decide to cancel your free or permanent subscription to EmailFinder or URLFinder, all you have to do is let us know. Just send your Subscriber ID#, Username and Password to and we'll remove you within 2 business days of receiving your request.

If you do decide to cancel, please let us know why. Your feedback is appreciated and will help us improve EmailFinder and URLFinder in the future.
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There is a lot of concern about security of electronic transactions over the Internet. This is the main reason it is possible to subscribe to EmailFinder and URLFinder via fax, phone or mail.

If you upgrade a subscription using a credit card, it is important for you to know that our online form is secure and your credit card number is not kept in our database.
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When you pay for a subscription to EmailFinder or URLFinder, there is no tangible product that will appear on your doorstep. You are purchasing a service that is available on the Internet. You can always check your listing by logging onto this site and using the search engine to display it or using the "Modify" function to change it.

Since there is no physical product to deliver, it is important that the charge on your credit card statement can be identified as being from our service. Credit card charges are processed through L&S Marketing, Inc., our business partner. The identifier that will appear on your credit card bill is "L&S MARKETING ALBUQUERQUE NM."
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Given the pricing structure for EmailFinder and URLFinder, we don't expect many credit cards to be denied. However, this is always possible if the number is entered incorrectly. Should your card be denied, we will try to contact you using the information you have provided to us. Until we receive a valid form of payment, your subscription will remain in its initial "90 Days Free" status and will be subject to removal after your free period has expired. For this reason, it is critical to have accurate contact information as part of your subscription request.
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One of the benefits of an EmailFinder or URLFinder listing is that it can be modified at any time to reflect changes in your information. This can either be a different Email or URL address or a change to your address or other contact information. Of course, we hope that if you change your Email or URL address, you will also consider adding another listing to reflect the change (if this is appropriate).

To modify your listing, you must know your Subscriber ID, User ID and Password. By entering this information after selecting the "Modify" function, you will have access to all of your current database information and can change any or all of the entries.

We believe that your subscription payment entitles you to have accurate information during the entire life of your subscription. Therefore, you will not be charged for any modifications you make to existing listings.
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Another security feature of EmailFinder and URLFinder is the creation of automatic Emails whenever listing information is added or changed.

When a new EmailFinder listing is created, an Email is sent to both the OLD and NEW Email addresses. In this manner, you can find out if someone is trying to direct people away from an address that is still active.

When an EmailFinder listing is changed, another Email is generated to ensure that the change is appropriate.

URLFinder subscriptions are handled in a similar manner. All subscriptions must include a contact Email address so these messages can be sent.

An automatic Email message is also generated approximately one month before the expiration of an EmailFinder or URLFinder listing. This message will remind you that the listing is about to expire and include instructions for upgraded the listing to a higher level.
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When we originally created the EmailFinder and URLFinder services, we avoided accepting advertising on our site. That is why there is a charge to subscribe to EmailFinder and URLFinder - we don't believe a web site should be cluttered with advertising. By assigning a value to the service you are receiving, we didn't need to look to outside sources for additional revenue.

As the web has grown and matured, however, it has become clear that most people prefer to see some ads if it means they can use web sites for free. As a result, in April, 2008, we began including ONE Google Adsense advertisement near the bottom of each page. Depending on the results of this experiment, we may be able to reduce or eliminate our subscription fee in the future.

We are steadfast in our belief, however, that you should not have to worry about receiving lots of Emails from marketing companies who get your information from us. While we can't stop someone from jotting down your information after it is displayed as the result of a search, we will NEVER give, rent or sell your information to any company or non-profit organization.

You can also control how much of your information can be displayed as a result of a search. By default, we display very little information after a search request, but there is a button to request a full listing of the subscriber information. If you wish, you can request that this information NOT be displayed when you sign up for your subscription. It will still be there so that we can contact you if needed, but will not be available to anyone else.
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The more people who know about EmailFinder and URLFinder, the more successful these services will be. To help in this process, we encourage you to add our site to any link lists that you feel would be beneficial. If you wish to include a banner regarding our service, we are happy to provide one for you. On our web site, the banner is located at This image is approximately 6 KB large. You can either set up a link to this location on your site or make a local copy.

We also want to provide links to those companies that support our efforts. If you would like us to provide a link to your site please send a message to .
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We hope this addresses any questions you might have about our service. If we've left something out, please contact us by Phone, Fax or Email and let us know.

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