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EmailFinder and URLFinder appeared in March, 1997 as the only on-line database services designed to link old Email and Web addresses with current information. Our business model is based on providing information quickly, easily and without clutter.

At EmailFinder and URLFinder, there is never a charge to look up information. However, please realize that only people and businesses who register with our service can be found from our search pages. Help spread the word about our service and you'll increase everyone's chances for finding the information they need.

By listing with EmailFinder and URLFinder, individuals and businesses can be certain that there's a place on the Internet where people can use all or part of their old information to find their current addresses. Best of all, since our revenue comes from subscriptions, our databases are never available for trade, sale or rent. Also, to prevent spammers from easily accessing our information, we limit search results to only the first five matches.

If you are interested in learning more about how to perform a reverse email search, you can find information and tips at the Reverse Email Detective.

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