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EmailFinder, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Sheldon Liebman and Stephen Wood. The concept of EmailFinder is based on the large number of people that switch from one Internet Service Provider to another as they seek the best and most cost-effective way to communicate over the fast-growing information superhighway. URLFinder™ is an extension of this concept that recognizes the need to update URL addresses in this same manner.

While there are many services that provide databases containing Names, Email Addresses and URLs, the information provided by these services is often out of date. Since we are subscription based, EmailFinder and URLFinder subscribers keep their information current.

The success of our service is directly related to the number of subscribers we can attract. To this end, we offer both a free trial and a lifetime paid subscription. The paid subscription is only $10, which is less than the cost of one month of unlimited Internet service. This ensures that an investment in an EmailFinder or URLFinder subscription can be recovered in a very short time. In addition, our 90 free trial period allows people to list with the service while they decide whether or not to purchase a paid listing.

In order to make sure that using this service is as quick and easy as possible, each page is designed to load quickly and easily and the search requests and results are presented in an easy to read format.

To ensure that our subscribers are not subjected to unwanted Email, our databases are never traded, sold or rented. In fact, even viewing the entire contents of a record is only possible if subscribers agree that it should be allowed. We also limit the results of a search to the first 5 matches so that spammers can't enter minimal information and see a large list of our subscribers.

EmailFinder, Inc. is not a large corporation funded by lots of venture capital. It was started by two individuals with a solid belief that this type of service can be valuable to many people and companies. Our subscribers are our partners and we hope to work together to help this site grow through a grass roots effort rather than an expensive marketing campaign. If you believe this service is valuable, please spread the word.

Now that you know something about us, we hope you'll decide to subscribe to our service, look someone up, or both. If you have questions about searching for information, please visit our SEARCH TIPS page. If you have any questions or comments that can't be answered from the site, please contact us by Phone, Fax, or Email.

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